Consultation on Behaviour Principles

Legislation requires the Local Board to set out and periodically review a written statement of general principles to guide the Headteacher in determining measures to promote good behaviour and discipline amongst pupils in our school.
These principles are informed by statutory guidance from the Secretary of State for Education and are intended to support the school’s values by promoting a friendly, creative and purposeful community whose members feel valued and supported, and where courtesy and mutual respect are expected from everyone. They will underpin the school’s Behaviour and Discipline policy, which will define the roles, responsibilities and practice in this area. Establishment and implementation of the policy lies with the Headteacher.
As part of the process, the Local Board is required to consult with parents on the proposed principles.  The Behaviour Principles and the consultation process have been published on the school website using the following link.  A hard copy can also be provided.  If you would like the document to be sent to you, please contact the school office on 01249 720496.
If you have any comments, please send them to the Chair of the Local Board, Claire Kennedy, via email to or in writing via the school office by Monday 23 February 2015.