About our school

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Christian Malford Church of England Primary School is a small rural school with about 70 children in the Wiltshire village of Christian Malford.

Our school day

Children may be dropped in the playground from 8.30am where they are supervised by the teaching staff.  Children line up at 8.45am and the register is taken at 8.50am.

For the timetables followed by each class in the morning and afternoon please look at The Curriculum and our classes page of our website.

Lunch has a staggered start from 12noon to 12.15pm.  Once the children have eaten they have lunchtime play until 1pm.  During lunchtime play the children have the opportunity to play with the contents of the Playpod.  The Playpod was funded by the National Lottery and is based on the ‘Loose Parts’ concept which allows the children to use their imagination more in their play.  This has the benefit of more inclusive play across gender and ages resulting in fewer incidents and the children being more ready to return to their learning after lunch.  For more information take a look at their website.

The school day ends at 3.10pm.

Children who are entitled to transport provided by Wiltshire Council to Foxham, East Tytherton, Bremhill and along Main Road are picked up from school at between 3.10 and 3.15pm by either bus or taxi.  If you would like to know if you would be able to access this transport please call 01249 720496 and speak to one of the office staff.


Our school is all on one level and so is easily accessible for all.

You can download a copy of our school information leaflet HERE.