Transition from Pre-school

We know that making the transition from pre-school to school can be daunting for children and their parents and carers.  We are so pleased to be able to share this video, made by Acorns Pre-school.  The video demonstrates our approach to learning in the Foundation Stage at Acorns Pre-school and at school.

This video doesn’t exist

Pre-schoolWe work hard to ensure the transition is seamless and the process is an enjoyable one for all concerned.  We work closely with Acorns Pre-school throughout the year so our Reception teacher, Mrs Taylor, and Head of School, Mrs Kaye, are well known to the children.  Mrs Taylor often visits the pre-school to read stories and the older pre-school children and Reception Class go on joint welly walks.

In the second half of the summer term, the older pre-school children and the Reception Class have joint PE lessons and come over to the Outdoor Learning area to play once a week.  Mrs Taylor visits the pre-schools of all children who do not attend Acorns Pre-school.

We offer parents of our new-joiners the opportunity of one-to-one meetings with Mrs Taylor at school or at home so parents, children and teacher are able to get to know one another and discuss any concerns.

In addition, every Friday afternoon for the last five weeks of term the new joiners come to school to join the Reception Class for lunch and an afternoon of play-based learning.

Our Joiners and Leavers service at the end of the summer term welcomes the new joiners to our school and presents them with their school book bags.