Residential Update 2018


We fenced like pros and everybody conquered the giant swing! We are incredibly proud of all the children and their give it a go attitudes, they really got the most out of their experiences. It’s time to go now. ETA – 16:30


It’s our last morning! Woken up to some lovely rain after beautiful sunshine yesterday. We’re mostly well rested and very excited to do our final activities. On the agenda, giant swing and fencing. We are all packed, filled with breakfast and ready to enjoy the rest of our PGL experience. 


We are sitting around the campfire singing lots of songs. The children very happily nominated me to participate in some acting with some other teachers and we’ve had lots of laughs and dancing! A great end to our final night here at PGL. 


An incredibly packed and exciting afternoon. We created a fantastic buggy out of all sorts of materials and tested them out down a hill. After that, every child from Christian Malford went on the zip line TWICE!! We are so proud of the way they cheered each other on to do something many of them found scary. After a quick visit to the shop and our pockets filled with sweets and gifts (not a lot of money though) we are having dinner before going to rest for a little while. On tonight’s agenda, campfire! 


We had a fantastic time climbing, everyone gave it a go, even myself and Miss Staten. Halfway through quad biking and we have some dare devils amongst us, here’s to the next generation of drivers! 


Good morning! We slept well (well most of us did) and are ready to start our activity-filled day. We’ve had breakfast and filled ourselves with hash browns, bacon and toast. Next we are off climbing before trying our hand at quad biking. Lots of fun being had here. 


We’ve had a fantastic first day here at PGL. Congratulations to Jack’s team who won best Robot. All the children have had beaming smiles on their faces. We’re all looking forward to an activity packed day tomorrow and lights went out at 21:30. Fingers crossed!!! 


We got the chance to have a bit of down time at our accommodation and the children from all 3 schools have been getting to know each other. Lots of different choices at dinner and everyone filled their tummies. Time now for Robot Wars, we have been put into teams and are now competing to win important parts for our robots! Wish us luck. 


We’ve travelled to Portland to spend our next activity by the sea. The children designed and made a raft that they then tested! After 45 minutes, some laughing, screaming and soaking wet children  emerged. They all managed to stand on their rafts and sing the song ‘head, shoulders, knees and jump’. Well done Christian Malford, now to jump into the shower before dinner and our next activity ROBOT WARS! 


We have arrived, lots of very excited children desperately awaiting a tour of the grounds! A quick refreshment break and we will be off to explore a little and find our rooms. 
This where you will find regular updates during our residential.  We will aim to update a couple of times a day, but this may vary depending on our internet connection, which can be variable.