Residential Update 2018



Great morning had by all. We are now on the coach home bound!


We thoroughly enjoyed our camp fire and the children got the chance to use an echolocator and search for bats. We had a great bbq followed by roasting marshmallows before bed. 

We are now all packed up, our beds are stripped and we’re just having breakfast before our final activities. Coach leaves at 12:45. Pick up at 2:45pm unless there are any changes. See you soon! 



We have had the best time today, Christian Malford have represented our school wonderfully, they modelled our values and showed determination by giving everything a go. We loved the high ropes and ended up with some soggy, smiling children after kayaking! Time for a bbq now, then the much anticipated gift/tuck shop time followed by a campfire to round off our last evening here 


Early start for us today as we are going off site! We have been treated to a full English to prepare us for a day of canoeing/kayaking and high ropes. Bags are packed and we’re ready to get on the coach. 



IT’S DISCO TIME! We are having a great time, it’s mid disco and everyone has shown off their impressive moves. Halfway through the week now and we are feeling very excited about Black Rock tomorrow! 


Just call us Bear Grylls, not only have we learnt how to create a water filtration system using our environment but we also developed our understanding of different types of fires and what they would be used for.  We then had a go at collecting sticks, building our fires and then lighting them. Moving onto the Somerset Land Grab now to test out some of our orienteering skills! Excitement is building for the disco tonight, some interesting moves have been practised by the children (and adults). 


Good morning! We are very well-rested and excited for the day ahead. We are going to develop our survival skills this morning, building fires and making water filtration systems. We are filled to the brim with pancakes and fruit, we have started the day right. 



After a busy afternoon, which involved: swinging across the titanic; blindfold instruction giving; beat the pipe and a water challenge, we had a great time participating in some indoor games which included a space hopper race!   It was too cold to go into the outdoor swimming pool but we have been so busy doing other activities, we didn’t mind.  We have been treated to a roast dinner which we have devoured and are now going into our evening activity of a straw challenge.


Fantastic morning here. Christian Malford have worked together wonderfully and completed their challenges in great time. We’ve learnt all about the history of archery and had a go ourselves. 2 children managed to split the willow and will have their picture in the hall of fame.


Good morning! We are bouncing off the walls with excitement about our upcoming day. Breakfast first and on the menu is sausage baps.



Pizza for dinner! Once again the children got a chance to hunt out the adults in the token hunt. We had adults hiding on top of vans, behind sheds and up trees. We are all very excited about our first night. Fingers crossed for peaceful sleep! Archery and team building tomorrow :).


QWe’ve had great fun on our scavenger hunt and now know the grounds inside out. Everyone is very excited about their rooms and it has been interesting to see them make their beds! Off on a sensory walk in the beautiful sunshine.


We have arrived, straight into a tour of the house, lunch and some time for a scavenger hunt. The anticipation and excitement of going into rooms is evident in the air!