Residential Update 2017

This where you will find regular updates during the week of our residential.  We will aim to update a couple of times a day, but this may vary depending on our internet connection, which can be variable.

Friday – 2.30pm

Traffic is very heavy on the motorway: we don’t think that we are going to be back at Seagry until at least 3.15pm.

Friday – 1:00pm

After a morning packed with activities we are now off, we should be back at Seagry School by 3oclock.

Friday – 8:30am

Our residential is coming to an end, we are all packed and our rooms have been tidied. Rooms inspections this year have been especially fantastic with room R being the tidiest that the teachers have ever seen! The fun doesn’t stop here, we are jammed packed with activities this morning: the great egg drop, kwik cricket and announcement of team building winners.

Thursday – 9:00pm

The sun has been out, we have been very lucky with weather. For dinner we had a BBQ followed by a trip to the gift shop, some really thoughtful presents purchased. We are now reflecting on our favourite moments around the campfire, it is so lovely to hear words like: perseverence, teamwork, friendship, experiences, fun and special. Such a wonderful week!

Thursday – 6:00pm

What an exciting day! We had an incredible time and really got stuck into everything. The children set individual goals and challenges and they showed determination when tackling them. Quite a few children took a dip into the river and played lots of team games during the kayaking/canoeing and all scaled up the trees during the high ropes. Absolutely amazing, all the children at Christian Malford did the school and themselves proud!

Thursday – 8:15am

A much cooler night and start to the day. We have been up early getting our backpacks ready for our adventures at Black Rock. As usual, we are filling up with a fantastic breakfast to start the day right and we will be leaving for kayaking/canoeing and high ropes soon! One more sleep to go.

Wednesday  – 8:00pm

We have had a brilliant afternoon/evening, we cooled off in the pool and had some friendly competitive games in teams, the children particularly enjoyed splashing all the teachers! After dinner we got to go to the tuck shop, much to everybody’s delight. Disco in 30 minutes, we have been warned to expect some seriously cool moves (not just from the teachers).

Wednesday – 11:40am

Time for a quick break, we have been in survival mode, learning how to make shelters and fires. One of our groups managed to get their fire blazing continuously and everyone managed to get one going. Fantastic work from everyone

Wednesday – 7:45am

A fantastic nights sleep all round, everyone is very well rested and excited. We had a great evening yesterday designing and making our own parachutes for our eggs.  The Great Egg Drop will be carried out just before we leave. Breakfast soon and after pancakes yesterday everybody is excited about what we will get next. Today our day will be filled with various activities and talk of the disco this evening is putting smiles on everyone’s faces.

Tuesday – 5:30pm

Bit of a break now after our fantastic activities this afternoon, the children worked incredibly well together and demonstrated all of our school values! We’ve visited the tuck shop for an ice cream to cool down before getting dressed for dinner. We are looking forward to our egg drop this evening, apparently it will be eggcellent.

Tuesday – 1:00pm

We are half way through our team building activities and archery. So far we have attempted to split the willow and an apple, swung ourselves to safety on the Titanic and got drenched whilst trying to conquer the leaky water pipe challenge. Time for lunch and then the fun continues!

Tuesday – 7:50am

We survived our first night – even with high excitement and very hot conditions. The children had a fantastic time last night trying to find the teachers in the most obscure places throughout the grounds (even up a tree) during the token hunt. We are currently getting ready for another activity packed day which includes lots of team building and some archery. Bring on breakfast!

Monday – 7:30pm

After a fantastic pizza dinner with lots of greens on the side followed by brownie and ice cream, we have just been given some free time to explore the grounds and we are very intrigued to discover the ‘secret tunnel’. Everyone has settled really well and it is lovely to see all three schools playing together. Next up is a ‘token hunt’ followed by our first attempt at lights out and eyes shut.

Monday – 3:30pm

We have made our beds – some more successfully than others! After a fun packed mini olympics involving space hoppers and a lot of crazy bouncing, we are having an impromptu swimming session to cool off !

Monday – 11:20am

We have arrived safe and sound, sitting down for a quick drink before a tour of the grounds and a game of rounders!

Monday – 9:25am

We’re off, lots of excitement, smiles and relief for air conditioning!