Residential Update 2019


1:30pm An enjoyable morning filled with picture taking, tree climbing and games. We are now on the road heading to Seagry! 

8:45am We had a very busy last night at Hill House. We started by going to the tuck and gift shop before playing a wide game where the children had to find the adults who were hiding all over the grounds. Afterwards we sat around our campfire, had hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows before heading off to bed.  This morning we have stripped our beds, packed our bags and are now sitting down for breakfast. Our time here isn’t over yet we still need to find out our scores from the team building day and we have one final group game to end our stay. See you all soon! 


5:45pm Wow! We’ve had the most amazing day at Black Rock. All the children have challenged themselves and proved themselves to be fantastic teammates. Kayaking was great fun, despite the downpours of rain which we took in good spirits. Everyone had a go and there were only a few children who ended up in the water. After lunch it was time for the high ropes, the children shined. Every single child (and adults) participated and achieved their personal goals. The way they supported and celebrated each other was a wonderful thing to see. We’re now getting changed before heading to our final dinner- a BBQ! 

8:15am We really enjoyed the disco last night and the children have now been introduced to the moves of the Cha Cha Slide and had a good laugh at the adults dancing. We slept like logs last night after a very busy day! We’re all packed for our day out at Black Rock and looking forward to high ropes and kayaking! Eggs, bacon and beans for breakfast…yum!


5:00pm What a busy and fun-filled day. We started by competing in our own Mini Olympic where we completed a series of challenges in teams in 30 seconds. The children’s communication and teamwork skills were fantastic. After lunch we tried our hand at archery, all of our PE sessions have been worth it because the children had great technique; we had 3 people in total split the willow! After that, we had some team building activities outside, a well earned pasta bake for dinner now.   

8:45am A fantastic evening playing some team games, we especially enjoyed the space hopper races. Must have been a busy day yesterday because everyone was out like a light! The weather seems a little better today so we’re hoping to get out and participate in some team building games and put our archery skills to the test! A fun day ahead. 


5:30pm We’ve had a fantastic afternoon. We started with seeing how well our egg parachutes held up when thrown off the top of Hill House; about a 50/50 success rate for Christian Malford. Afterwards, we played teacher vs student during a wide game. The children went and hid throughout the grounds and the teachers had to find… and catch them! Needless to say we are very worn out. Then a game of Kwik Cricket in the rain before dinner which was a roast! Some very content children and adults heading into the evening.  12:45pm A very busy morning so far, we started by discussing various survival skills. We then had the chance to explore a 24 hour ration pack for a serving solider before making our own water filtration systems. After a quick snack, we were lucky enough to have a break in the weather and the children have made their own fires in small groups. Lunch time now. 

8:15am  Good morning! Despite the weather preventing us from playing our wide game we had a fantastic movie night, we got to bring our duvets and snack downstairs to watch Sing. Everyone managed to get some sleep and we are just waiting for breakfast and to start our day! 


5:45pm  We had a great afternoon. First  have designed and made our own egg parachutes for the egg drop later in the week. After that we got to find out our rooms and everybody managed to make their own beds…eventually. Pizza for dinner and ready for our evening activity!  12:30pm We have arrived safe and sound. So far we’ve had a tour of the grounds, played a game of hand ball and then after having a quick snack we’ve started a scavenger hunt. Lunch next, then we find out our rooms. 

9:30am  We’re off! We have some very excited children who are desperate to know what room they are staying in! Let our residential week begin :).   Miss Young will be posting updates about the forthcoming residential here. All posts are dependent on availability of signal and wi-fi, so there may be some gaps between posts.