99 Club

 What is ’99 Club’?

To help us in our continuing drive to raise standards in numeracy, particularly with our quick recall of tables facts, every week children from Year 2 upwards take part in ’99 Club’.

Children have 2 minutes to answer as many multiplication questions as they can.

They begin in the 22 Club. If they get all the questions correct in the two minutes, they can then join the 33 club the following week, progressing up to the 99 Club.

When those children successfully complete all 99 questions correctly in 2 minutes, they enter our 99 Club Hall of Fame. Children then continue to improve their numeracy skills by attempting to complete further questions, currently up to the 143 Club.

Congratulations to:

99 Club Hall of Fame

Annabel (Achieved in Y3)    Alfie (Y6)

110 Club Hall of Fame

Annabel (Y5)     Alfie (Y5)

121 Club Hall of Fame

Annabel (Y5)    Alfie (Y5)

You can practise ’99 Club’ by clicking the relevant link below:

22 Club                    44 Club              77 Club                110 Club

22 Plus Club           55 Club              88 Club                121 Club

33 Club                     66 Club             99 Club                 132 Club

143 Club