The Curriculum

The Curriculum for Primary Schools underwent a significant change from September 2014.  This Parents New Curriculum Guide produced by Rising Stars gives a fantastic summary of what this means to the children of primary school age across all the subject areas.

You can see how the curriculum is covered within each year group by clicking here.

The Jolly Phonics scheme is used to teach phonics in Willow class.  Jolly Phonics is a fun and child centred approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics.  The 42 letter sounds are taught through actions and progresses to blending the sounds together to form words.  Following on from Jolly Phonics we move on to use Jolly Grammar in Key Stage 1 to strengthen phonics knowledge and teach grammar and punctuation.  We do not follow a particular reading scheme as it is important for children to experience different styles of book, written by a wide range of different authors.  Reading books in school are banded according to progression in phonics using the Institute of Education’s Book Bands for Guided Reading to group books appropriately.

Please visit the Class Pages to find out more about the Curriculum in the classes:

Willow Class

Elm Class

Orchard Class


Elm Class (Years 2 and Years 3) and Orchard Class (Years 4 and 5) have French lessons once a week.  Year 6 are currently partaking in German lessons once a week.


All about sound

We are very fortunate to have a highly experienced musician in one of our teachers, Mrs Tugwell and supported by Miss Staten, a very musical Teaching Assistant.  Mrs Tugwell demonstrates the beauty of music to the children as she plays the piano during assembly every day and the organ at all church services.


The children have great opportunities to consolidate their learning through drama and build on their self confidence and self esteem through whole school productions and Christmas performances.