Worship Council

Our Worship Council was originally set up in October 2016. Each new academic year pupils put forward why they would like to be part of the Worship Council, and are then selected or voted on to serve for the whole year.

Currently the members are Annabel, Richard, Chloe, Asanda, Ethan, Dominic, Charlie and Alfie. We meet in school once each term (six times a year) with Mrs Bloomer, who is a Licensed Lay Minister from the Draycot Benefice, and Mrs Tiplady (Teaching Assistant) supports us.

These are some of the reasons why our members wanted to be part of Worship Council:

“I will make sure our values are shown every day.”

“I will make sure that everyone is persevering to succeed.”

“I have ideas of everyone to be equal to everyone else.”

“I want to make sure the school is a good place to worship.”

“I want to encourage people.”

“I like to pray, worship and sing to God.”

“I want to learn more about the church.”

What We Do

Our role is to help our school evaluate collective worship each year, and to find ways to develop its Christian character. We want to support our school as we learn and live out our values of diligence, respect, kindness, tolerance and honesty. We aim to make suggestions for changes to improve our church school. We also have the responsibility of looking after the worship table in the hall, and opening our daily collective worship with a special prayer.

Each year we review this web page, help update the Worship Council noticeboard in the hall plus plan and lead at least one collective worship. At the end of the year we meet with worship councils from local schools to share and celebrate together.

Our priorities for 2019/20

  • Finding creative ways to communicate our school values – indoors and outdoors.

Worship Council Achievements over recent years

  • We worked with a local artist to create a banner to depict our school values
  • We wrote morning and end of school day prayers for the whole school
  • Planned and led worship for Acorns pre-school
  • Suggested and tried out our ideas to help our reflection corners become more interactive and meaningful
  • Supported church members as they led the Easter Experience in All Saints’ Church
  • Helped to lead and take part in school services in church, including our Christingle service
  • Planned and led a whole school collective worship at least once in the school year
  • Designed this web page so people know about the Worship Council
  • Set up a notice board, so pupils know who the Worship Council is and what we are doing
  • Created a guidance leaflet for visitors who lead worship
  • Created a scrapbook to help the school and visitors understand what it means to be a church school
  • We led a collective worship in school to encourage new volunteers for the Worship Council
  • Helped the school to achieve ‘Good’ in the SIAMS inspection by talking to the inspector and showing her around our school
  • Met with other Worship Councils across the Draycot Benefice and surrounding villages to celebrate our work and share good ideas. Each year we invite a special guest, and the year our school hosted the event we welcomed Bishop Lee of Swindon.
  • 2017 WC and Bishop Lee (1)