Parent Feedback Survey – June 2015

Survey resultsIn June 2015 the School undertook to collect the thoughts and feelings from parents and carers to form part of the new School Improvement Plan. We received 35 responses, approximately 70% of the families at school. Thank you to all our parents and carers who participated. We value your feedback.

We are delighted that 88% of respondents would recommend our school to other parents.  The answers to the other multiple choice questions are summarised in the table to the right.  The responses confirm areas where the work we are doing in school is being communicated well and is well recieved by the parents and carers.  The responses also help us identify areas where we need to focus going forward.

The last two questions in the survey gave parents and carers the opportunity to give details of three areas where they felt the school was doing well and three areas where they would like to see some improvement.

88% say yesThe positive comments are reassuring as they confirm that our parents and carers are pleased with how the school is performing.  They included remarks about the quality and dedication of the teaching staff, the improved communication with parents and carers and the focus on the whole child. We will ensure the school continues to work well in these areas.

We have summarised the comments on areas for improvement below with details of how we are tackling these.

You said, we are.